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BridGene is a biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing innovative small molecules that drug traditionally undruggable targets, providing new paths to treat diseases. By utilizing its proprietary Chemoproteomics platform IMTAC™, BridGene is able to screen small molecules against all proteins in live cells to discover drug candidates for high value, yet previously undruggable targets. The ultimate goal is to enable highly-selective and potent small molecule drug discovery and to expand the mechanisms to treat diseases, with targets previously inaccessible to small molecules. The company is advancing a diversified pipeline of first-in-class drugs for targets in multiple disease areas.


We are seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and use cutting-edge science to tackle unmet medical needs. We will work together to build an exciting, science-driven biotechnology company.

Research Scientist
Biology/Assay Development
Senior Director/Director of Biology
Senior Research Scientist
Biology/Assay Development

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